Strong Brand Positioning

by smartamarketing

“A strong brand position means the brand has a unique, credible, sustainable, and valued place in the customer’s mind. It revolves around a benefit that helps your product stand apart from the competition. 

Organisations seek to develop and project good (effective) brand perceptions. 

Brand Positioning
Due to the shear volume of messages customer and prospects encounter on a daily basis, the human mind can’t begin to cope with interpreting them all.

Some thoughts to consider:

  • Minds Are Limited in their abilities
  • Perception is selective
  • Memory is selective
  • There is a physiological limitation to processing all the stimuli we are exposed to
  • A dramatic element and (relevant)  brand difference is needed in a crowded media – including Social Media
  • Minds are both emotional and rational – but emotion is the starting and finishing point
  • Purchasing decisions are really not known – we make guesses and interpretations from research and our experience
  • Recall—mind’s can remember things that no longer exist

Models may be simple – but marketing is not

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