by smartamarketing

Try putting a little sign on your door, or on the back of your people’s door, it should read;

What is the Problem? (In the majority of instances the person really doesn’t know what the problem is.  He feels bad and wants you to feel bad too.  When you can agree on what the problem is you are on the way to solving it.  If the person cannot reduce the problem to its basic components he or she is not ready to bring it to you.)

What caused the Problem? (Cause helps us define the problem and definition helps solve the problem.  Awareness will also help avoid the same problem again.  Beware making quick solutions at this stage without going through the remaining stages.  H.L. Mencken wrote “There is always an easy solution to every human problem – neat, plausible and invariably wrong’).

What are the possible Solutions? Here is an opportunity for them to exercise lateral thinking and creativity.  The list is not a list of the only possible answers but also a list of many possible alternatives. Encourage them to have some fun with it – it preserves your sanity (and theirs) in a world too full of problems.

What is the best Solution?  Pick a solution and go with it.  You have to be wrong a certain number of times in order to be right a certain number of times.  However in order to be either, you must first make a decision.

Don’t fret over a problem.   You will become overcome with the paralysis of inaction.  Select a course, take it and get on with business.  Henry Ford said “You only have to be right 51% of the time to be a success; if you make enough decisions.”

Your job now often boils down to saying, “It looks good to me.”