by smartamarketing

A leader is likely to be successful if:

*  She knows exactly what her objectives are and respects the fact that there are limits on what she can achieve and on what she can expect others to achieve.

*  He plans in advance individual and group work and responsibilities, but is flexible enough to realise that during implementation plans may need to be changed to accommodate individual and group needs.

*  She succeeds in establishing good relationships with her group through being empathic, while being able to maintain the respect of the group.

*  He avoids posing as a teacher or prophet, but maintains control of the group’s activities.

*  He needs to be able to instill a feeling of self-worth in individuals.

*  She allows ideas and views to come from the group rather than imposing her own views.

*  He does not impose his leadership on the group.  The successful leader should not have to assert his position, by trying to appear more knowledgeable and skilful than othrs.  The successful leader will gain the respect of the group because he is skilful, knowledgeable and diplomatic in the way in which he carries out his role.