Building Your Own (Service) Brand

by smartamarketing

A brand is a promise of the value your clients will receive. Supporting the promise of your brand is a key to building a successful business. Building support for the brand involves:

Awareness – Obviously if they don’t know you, you are not in consideration.  Even worse might be they know you but dislike you

Relevance to the Market – A brand must stand for something that is meaningful to the target segment. Your brand encompasses the total experience of doing business with you.

Consistency of Behaviour – Customers must be able to depend on the brand to deliver the same experience every time.

Performance – Users and Buyers have purchasing criteria and preferences.  The brand must meet these.

Advantage – the brand must offer meaningful advantages when compared to competitors

Preference – Buyers will add you to their list of preferred brands

Brand Loyalty The strength of any brand is in the relationship it has between an organisation and its customers. The stronger the relationship, the more business they will do, and the more likely it is that customers will refer them to their friends and business associates. The test of a brand is, in fact, the strength of loyalty it generates.