Creating Better Marketing Messages II

by smartamarketing

Writing Copy for Traditional and Social Media Promotion

BETTER COPY –Starts with a great opening

Use one of the great proven opening ingredients, to attract interest

(1) Promise benefits – (W.I.I.F.M.)

(2) Promote the “new” or “news” aspects.

(3) Appeal to the (direct) interests of the prospect.

(4) Appeal to curiosity.

Better Openings

(1) Involve the reader. Address him/her directly.

(2) Put direct suggestion or question.

(3) Use words that stimulate

(4) Appeal to pride and self interest

(5) Appeal to current or local issues.

(6) Beware overly clever language and technical terms.

Seven Rules for Making Copy Easy to Read

1. Use short, common words. Do not try to impress with your extended vocabulary. Fewer syllables sell more.

2. Use short sentences. Sentences that are thirty words long contain too many ideas or equivocations. It makes the key idea difficult to understand.

3. Use short paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain one idea. It is OK. to use 1 sentence paragraphs.

4. Make sure you use the word “YOU” at least twice as much as the word “I”.

5. Write as if you are writing or talking to one specific and important person.

6. Use words that have warmth and involve emotional responses.

7.   Avoid too much logic and sterility. Create images with your words.

8. Use action verbs instead of nouns.

Developing effective, that is selling, copy is a specialised art. It is one that requires knowledge of the theory and practical, current, experience.

Present your proposition quickly and clearly

Once you’ve gained the prospect’s attention with your opening, give your selling proposition quickly and clearly.

The proposition is the core of your promotional message. Tell the prospect, fast. Get your offer across early, boldly, right near the opening.


A sale is made at the exact moment the prospect decides he wants the benefits to be gained from your product (goods and services) is more than the investment (money, time risk) cost. It is your objective to have your message accomplish this as soon as practical. You are the expert with the information a prospect wants. As the expert in this communication, it is your responsibility to present it effectively so that the prospect may become a client.

Keep selling with sub-points

Prospects should be able to get the essentials of the message form the opening and the sub-headings.

There are two kinds of sub-headings:

(1) Those immediately following your main opening.

(2) Those used in the copy.

Sub-headings amplify and broaden the opening theme or promise. They act as directions in the body of information

They help push the selling message forward. They make it possible for the reader to get the gist of your story quickly, without reading all the copy. They also break up long blocks of solid type or information.

How to create conviction and make your words BELIEVABLE:-

(1) Present the main idea at least three times during your message

(2) Tell of popularity (use testimonials, and quote authorities.)

(3) Convey value. Demonstrate the benefits are worth more than the cost.

(4) Give assurances and proof. Overcome objections. Guarantee satisfaction when you can.