Creating Better Marketing Messages

by smartamarketing

How to create and evaluate effective messages

Styles and market needs are always changing, but there are proven principles for messages that work. Too few marketing professionals seem to understand them. As a result, much promotion is based on gut reaction, intuition and personal preferences.

Message and Presentation

The key to successful messages is: Successful messages come in only one language – BENEFITS!

“What’s in it for me?” (W.I.I.F.M.?)

“What do I get out of it?”

“What will it do for me and my family?”

“What will it do for my business?”

Prospects can’t get more sell out of a promotional message than what you put in!


People spend their money to get benefits for themselves or those important to them. (derived benefits or derived satisfaction)

A benefit is an advantage or satisfaction the prospect will gain – or the loss avoided – from the item, proposition or service you sell.

Don’t leave it to the prospect to discover the benefits he or she will gain from the offer. Spell it out, as simply as possible.


Promotion must balance stated benefits with component realities (features). They provide the rational reason why the service will work and help create conviction. Benefits must be supportable.

The more key benefits there are in a promotional message – supported by product points – the more selling power there will be.

CREATE INTEREST AND DESIRE by stressing benefits of using your service or owning the resultant thing (good).

DEMONSTRATE THE VALUE of your particular product by detailing benefits and features.

MAKE IT SELL FOR YOU ALONE by stressing reasons for buying from your company, not others.

Make your message fit the character of your business. Put it in line with your strategy of differentiation and positioning