Is Marketing Dead?

by smartamarketing

In todays changing world we now see articles that state something like “Marketing is Dead” or Traditional Marketing is Dead”

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Such articles are usually written by self serving attention getters – or the truly (marketing) ignorant

Marketing has always been and will remain central to all business success. (including NFP business activities).  It is the key factor in Traditional businesses as well as in modern Relational marketing as seen more and more on the internet – in Social Media

 Marketing really is the most practical, useful business skill for all types of organisations.  It certainly covers ‘selling’ a product, but, more importantly, it is about the achievement of business goals through meeting (and probably exceeding) a customer’s needs better than any other competitor

Marketing plays a vital role in all successful business ventures. How well an organisation manages its marketing, along with good operational and financial management aspects, will ultimately determine its degree of success or failure.

Marketing focuses attention on where the main income is going to come from, that is, your customers and prospective.  The most important activities you can better understand and undertake are marketing activities.

All good management is focused on where, when and how to best apply skills and resources.  The key element of a successful business activity is to focus on where the income is coming from – it is from customers.  This is therefore the (marketing) focus.

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