Direct Advertising

by smartamarketing

When an advertiser or media buyer selects an advertising medium, it is like a golfer selecting the right club.  Each medium, like each golf club, should be considered and selected in terms of the needs of the situation in which it is to be used.  While the bigger media and the longer clubs have their applications in the user’s strategy, each club or medium, regardless of size, is indispensable in its place.  The finest driver is of little value on the green or in a sand trap.  By the same token, neither the internet, television nor a glossy maga­zine can substitute for some of the less glamorous media available to advertisers involved in the intense competition that characterises marketing today.  These forms of advertising, often referred to as collateral or collateral media.  While they are usually employed as supplementary buys to other media in an advertiser’s media mix, one should be aware that to some advertisers they may represent the most important media in their advertising campaigns.

The terms “direct advertising…… direct-mail advertising,” and “mail order advertising” are frequently confused.

Direct advertising includes all forms of printed advertising delivered directly to the prospective customer, instead of indirectly as part of a newspaper or magazine.  It may be handed over the counter of a retail store, distributed from door to door, delivered by messengers, passed out to people on the street, or sent through the mail.  If it reaches the reader by mail, it is direct-mail advertising.

Mail-order advertising, on the other hand, does not refer to the channels through which the message is delivered, but to a method of product distribution.  When the advertising message is designed to consummate the sale of the product by mail, without the aid of intermediaries or personal, face-to-face selling, it is mail-order adver­tising-sometimes referred to as direct marketing.  To secure orders by mail, the message may be delivered by direct advertising, direct-mail advertising, publications, or any other mass communications medium.

Direct Mail is a marketing method in which targeted prospects (chosen on the basis of age, income, location, profession, buying pattern etc) are sent information and offers

The Selectivity of Direct Advertising

The almost universal use of direct advertising, and particularly direct­mail advertising, is due to its ability to deliver messages to selected groups of prospects who are difficult to reach economically through other mass communications media.