How Well do you Know your Customers?

by smartamarketing

How well do you really know your customers?

Doyou know the answers to these questions?

— What is really important to the customer?

— What is the customer’s connection with the product?

— What does the customer really want?

— How are customers motivated to buy?

— How do customers talk about the product?

To achieve successful differentiation in the marketplace, the complete picture must be captured.

The key is to understand the customer (their wants, needs, motivations, emotions and values) and evaluate the marketplace (looking for gaps, opportunities and unmet wants and needs) before embarking on the development of a new product concept or product extension.

Understanding the voice of the customer

Understanding your customer means understanding the your offer (product – both goods and services) through the consumer’s eyes — this means placing more emphasis on the consumer’s words than the opinions of management, R&D, engineering, marketing and all other “internal” folks.

Understanding is accomplished by:

  • focusing on root wants/needs/benefits of usage; and
  • understanding consumer language.

Understanding what your customer seeks as the important benefits

Understanding root benefits resides in the following questions:

  • What need(s) does the customer wish to fulfill with the product?
  • What problem is the customer attempting to solve through use?
  • What benefits does the customer wish to receive?