Tips Effective Marketing Communication

by smartamarketing

Some guidelines for effective, persuasive communication.

  • Approach everything from the viewpoint of the audience’s interest. What is on its mind? What is in it for each person?
  • Make the subject matter part of the atmosphere in which audience members live—what they talk about, what they hear from others. That means tailoring the message to their channels of communication.
  • Communicate with people, not at them. Communication that approaches the audience as a target makes people put up defenses against it.
  • Localize—get the message conveyed as close to the individual’s own setting as possible.
  • Use a number of communication channels, not just one or two. The impact is far greater when a message reaches people in a number of different forms.
  • Maintain consistency so that the basic content is the same regardless of audience or context. Then tailor that content to the specific audience as much as possible.
  • Don’t propagandise, but be sure you make your point. Drawing conclusions in the information itself is more effective than letting the audience draw its own conclusions.
  • Maintain credibility—which is essential for all these points to be effective.