Things to Understand about Making Decisions

by smartamarketing

There are three important things to remember about decisions. 

First, a decision by itself changes nothing.

Second, at the moment a decision is made, we cannot possibly know whether it is good or bad.  Decision quality, when measured by results, can only be known as the consequences of the decision become known.  We must wait for the decision to be implemented and for its consequences to become clear.

The third, and perhaps most important, observation is that we almost invariably spend more time living with the consequences of our decisions than we do in making them.  It is likely that the effects of the decision will be with us longer than it took us to make the decision, regardless of how much time and effort we invested.

Rather than spending inordinate amounts of time and effort in the decision-making process, it would seem at least as useful to spend time implementing decisions and dealing with their ramifications.

In this sense, good managers are not only good analytic decision makers; more important, they are skilled in managing the consequences of their decisions.  “Few successful leaders spend much time fretting about decisions once they are past …