Identity is More than a Logo

by smartamarketing

Identity: Deeper Than a Symbol

Too many organisations still treat identity as something that can be whipped up by a designer.  Identity is more than a graphic gimmick.

Organisational identity is more than a new letterhead, a Band-Aid solution.  It must be applied across-the-board as it must accurately reflect that organisation’s   business, its operating philosophy, its organisational culture.  An identity cannot be forged overnight in some ad agency.

Many advertising people recognise the importance of organisational identity in the marketing mix, even if they do not always appreciate the role of the CI practitioner in helping to shape overall long-term organisational strategies.

The turf-protective attitude will quite likely change as more mega-organiation s emerge and feel the need to impart an aura of parental responsibility.

In Marketing Communication “You’re talking to people who don’t want to know every last detail of a product’s features’ They want to know what ‘it’s going to do for me’-in plain, simple language. A well know and respected logo does that very well.  So do the initials IBM.

It’s not just a matter of marketing theory, of a picture being worth a thousand words.  It’s that there’s just so much advertising that the human mind can absorb.

The average consumer is exposed to over 500 advertisements a day, of which-media researchers admit-only 76 are “noticed,” and only 12 “remembered.” We are so inured to the surfeit of commercialism that we instinctively screen out all but the most memorable messages.


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Dr Brian Monger