Syncretic market behaviour

by smartamarketing

Strategy is about competition.

The competition may be current or future; direct or indirect; strong or weak – and each of those is a continuum (a lot of bits in between)

Competition can excite better performance (usually good for competitors and consumers)

There is another option – Syncretic market behaviour

Syncretic market behaviour

Syncretic (a combination of different beliefs) market behaviour is the attempt to achieve a dynamic balance between positives to be found in both competitive and co-operative strategies.  The objective is to enhance the competitive position of the organisation by Behaving in a mutually beneficial way with competitors, though sharing information and/or base technology.  The objective is to still actively compete for market share, whilst co-operating a way that builds a bigger market overall – a positive sum game.  This aims to reduce the costs and risks associated with duplication of effort.  The aim is to share basic technologies and capabilities that would be too costly and risky to independently develop and thus reduce costs and improve performance.  This is seen to also benefit customers.