Common Sales Mistakes.

by smartamarketing

Many salespeople make a number of common mistakes.  This article highlights these and makes some suggestions to fix them.

Ignoring your presentation and selling skills weaknesses.

Make an effort to notice what you do and perhaps get training to fill the gaps.

Not keeping the supply system pipeline primed.

Make time for prospecting and asking for referrals

Sufficient lack of knowledge about your prospect

Insufficiently researching a prospect.

Failure to follow-up on prospects

Plan and schedule follow-up activities after the customer contact.

Calling on prospects that have little current need and/or no budget

Qualify your prospects early.

Talking at the prospect in a non-stop sales pitch.

Ask questions and listen eight times more than you flap your mouth.

Not focusing enough on the customer.

Focus on everything about the customer: words, gestures, tonality and context.

Continuing to sell after you’ve closed.

When you get a “yes,” stop talking, smile, and take the order..

Forgetting to ask for a referral.

At closing, obtain a promise of a referral; request one after you’re sure the customer is delighted.